10% From Every Purchase Supports Life-Affirming Choices

With every purchase, we proudly donate 10% to The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA), aiding over 1,700 pro-life pregnancy centers across the U.S. and empowering women and families. At SONO, we offer non-toxic, alcohol-free cleaning supplies, providing gentle sanitizing solutions for hands and disinfecting options for a range of surfaces.

How To Contribute: Simple and Impactful

Place Your Order: Buy any of our disinfecting wipes, sanitizing solutions or bundles. No minimums or maximums.

Automatic 10% Contribution: We set aside 10% of your purchase automatically.

2023 Year-End Donation: All contributions go to NIFLA in an end-of-year donation.

**Your support helps provide legal counsel, education, and training to these centers, directly impacting lives and empowering choices.

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Love Them Both - The NIFLA Story | 30 Years of Saving Lives

  • Our Origins

    SONO emerged from a blend of deep expertise and a drive to innovate. Our co-founder, a senior engineer at the world's leading ultrasound manufacturer, identified a persistent challenge: disinfectants were causing compatibility issues, leading to significant image quality degradation. In 2012, with this insight and a mission to resolve this industry-wide problem, SONO was born.

  • Why SONO?

    Our mission goes beyond just products. By choosing SONO, you're not only opting for superior quality but also supporting pregnancy care centers across the nation. So, when you replace those big brands in your household with SONO, know that you're contributing to a larger cause, making an impact with every choice and protecting your family with medical grade disinfectants and cleaners.

  • Our Commitment

    Seeing their baby through ultrasound influences women's decisions 85% of the time. Our aim is to ensure centers have the best products, offering mothers an experience of clarity and emotion. Since 2016, SONO has been committed to providing high quality ultrasounds and supplies, ensuring every image and heartbeat displays optimally. We're proud to be a trusted partner for our centers.

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