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Why Choose SONO Wipes Over Big Name Brands?

Big brands may often overlook the impact of harsh chemicals and are not made with you or your families values in mind.

Our sanitizing wipes are formulated for gentle yet effective hand care, while our disinfecting products ensure surface safety, both crafted to offer protection without harsh chemicals.


Frequently Asked Questions

"Where Should I Start?"

We recommend The Essentials Bundle to get you started on your SONO journey! This bundle includes everything from our product line-up to help you get started. Enjoying a specific product within the bundle? Feel free to come back for that item alone, or simply restock on the bundle to always keep your home stocked and ready to go!

"What's The Difference Between Sanitizing and Disinfecting?"

Sanitizing reduces bacteria on surfaces and skin to safe levels, focusing on general cleanliness. Disinfecting kills a broader range of pathogens on surfaces, aiming for thorough elimination of germs.

"Can Your Products Clean Effectively Without Any Alcohol?"

Our products are designed to be highly effective without alcohol. By leveraging advanced formulations and active ingredients that target germs, we ensure our cleaning and sanitizing solutions maintain high efficacy standards. This approach allows for a powerful clean that's also safer for both surfaces and skin, aligning with our commitment to health and safety.

"What's the Reason for Avoiding Alcohol in Cleaning Products?"

Alcohol in cleaning supplies can lead to various issues, including irritation to eyes or throat, headaches, and other health problems. These products often release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can contribute to chronic respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Furthermore, certain chemicals found in cleaning supplies can be flammable or corrosive, adding to their potential risks. It's important to read labels and choose products carefully to avoid these hazards.

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