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_SONO Healthcare Trvl 2.0

_SONO Healthcare Trvl 2.0

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Our travel kit is the perfect addition to your backpack, purse, and car as it consists of (2) 20ct softpacks of alcohol-free disinfecting wipes + (1) 1.7 fl. oz foaming hand sanitizer based on benzalkonium chloride, a cationic surfactant.

Our disinfecting wipes can be used to clean anything anywhere while our hand sanitizer clings to your hands and maintains its effectiveness for up to four hours so long as it is not washed away or otherwise rubbed off, which makes it perfect for travel. It's a proactive approach to hand sanitation, as opposed to a reactive one, like with alcohol. Did we mention it's also moisturizing and scented with therapeutic bergamot oil? No more stinging or stinking.
  • Made in the USA, Compliant with the EPA, FDA, and TSA - Perfect disinfectant wipes for gyms, schools, offices (desks, surfaces, furniture upholstery, etc.), house (kitchen, bathroom, door knobs, floors etc), CPAP masks + units, desktops, devices, mice, and keyboards
  • Medical Grade - Trusted by Hospitals - Picks up dirt and leaves the surface wet longer
  • SONO wipes can be used on multiple surfaces including counters, appliances, sinks and toilets, leather furniture upholstery, kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
  • Hand Sanitizer FDA/NDC Number: 77677-001-02 - Our formula is compliant with FDA Regulations
  • Disinfectant Wipes' EPA Registration: 6836-340-89018 - This registration proves our wipes' efficacy and medical grade status

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