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Public SQ Welcome Pack

Public SQ Welcome Pack

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A curated introduction to our premium product lineup. Each pack comes with handpicked samples, allowing you to experience the efficacy and quality firsthand:

  • x3 SONO EHP Sprays: Harness the cleansing power of hydrogen peroxide, a natural disinfectant, outshining traditional cleaners like 409.
  • x1 Pack Disinfecting Wipes: Safe on various surfaces, our wipes guarantee a thorough clean without resorting to bleach or alcohol.
  • x5 Hand Sachets Moisturizing Sanitizer Wipes: Beyond sanitizing, these are enriched with bergamot essential oils, ensuring your hands remain soft and fragrant.
  • x1 SONO Foaming Hand Sanitizer: For the social butterfly, always shaking hands and exploring surfaces. Dive into interactions with a guardian that not only cleanses but leaves hands soft and aromatic with bergamot.

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