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_SONO Healthcare Dis Wpes LARGE Soft Pack SINGLE

_SONO Healthcare Dis Wpes LARGE Soft Pack SINGLE

Unlike alcohol-based surface wipes that will damage your belongings, dry out your hands, and leave an unpleasant smell in the air, SONO Wipes are registered with the EPA, tested for material compatibility, and are safe to use without gloves while delivering exceptional cleaning performance that can be used anywhere.
Based on our wonderful customers' feedback, we can confidently assert that our wipes have one of the best scents on the market and that we have established the perfect balance between efficacy, durability, and material compatibility as a comprehensive, one-step, medical-grade, cleaning product that is trusted by hospitals and loved by everyone.

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✅ Kills 99.99% of common germs
✅ Removes Dirt

✅Alcohol free: no-sting formula is ideal for cuts or scrapes
✅ GENTLE: rich moisturizer keeps your hands feeling soft
✅ Bergamot Essential Oil: gives your hands a light floral scent
✅ Made in the USA

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