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Values in Vision

Amid the shimmering surfaces, have you ever paused to consider if your household brands resonate with what you hold dear? Family, Faith, Freedom – does your cleaning companion champion these pillars?

Our Top Picks For You

  • Choose Convictions Over Convenience

    Break the mold. Transition to SONO, where every product isn’t just about impeccable cleaning, but also about echoing what truly matters.

  • Not Just a Product, A Principle

    With every SONO swipe, you’re not just embracing cleanliness; you're choosing a brand that stands by the core values that stitch the fabric of our great nation. Do your daily cleaning brands echo your deepest beliefs?

  • Proudly Patriotic

    SONO emerges from the American heartland, representing more than just superior cleaning and disinfecting. Since 2012, we've been a beacon of trust, quality, and shared values. Relish the luxury of our sanitizers, infused with the finest organic ingredients. See the difference in quality with our wipes and sprays.

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Support your Local Pregnancy Center

We support a national install base of over 1500 Pregnancy Medical Centers that operate as Non-profits in almost every small and large town across the country......

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